Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty!

Likewise, the human nature is drawn to beauty.

Adhering to that spirit, the Park was designed to be a place of inspiration, providing an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

Beauty, however, is not the only thing visitors will enjoy when visiting the Park. As visitors wander between the lanes, they will experience a breath-taking journey full of knowledge. While they read the various scripts that showcase Arabic calligraphy at its best, and enjoy the beautiful architecture, the Park will inspire them to connect to the grand Muslim civilization and re-live its heritage.

Welcome to the sanctuary of one of Alturki's social responsibility initiatives.


The Park was designed to cater to everyone regardless of gender, age, and cultural backgrounds, indulging their mind, body and soul. Moreover, the Park was designed specifically for full accessibility for the disabled. It breaks away from traditional design to facilitate education and learning while promoting individual and collective initiatives that are based on nurturing a culture of development and sustainability.

This Park represents life and vitality. It is alive with script which is the foundation of civilization, and it embodies man’s initiative and perseverance to strive for the development of humans and humanity.

We wanted the Park to be a beacon of learning and knowledge, where visitors can acquire new skills and universal human values to help them become a more positive force in their communities.


  • Chosen scripts

    are divided on the basis of permanence and validity for all times and all readers. Scripts in the shaded lanes will lead visitors on a journey full of learnings that will make them wonder, charming their sight and illuminating their souls with their supreme meanings and the deep and ultimate foundation of all truths: Knowledge.

  • The lighthouse

    symbolizes the cognitive ascension in man's life and emphasizes the value of his constant development in various aspects. The lighthouse reinforces the fact that the Park is a space where knowledge is sacred and that its main purpose is guidance.

  • The Fountain beautiful

    sound of the trickling water flowing in semi-circular ripples from our octagonal fountain in the center of the Park is intended to lift the human spirit. It blends wonderfully with the fresh air highlighting a marvelous aspect of our Islamic heritage in its use of water.

  • Greenery

    Roaming among the towering palm trees that cover the place with peaceful shade is fascinating and makes us consider the holy saying of Allah: ”Behold their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen. Indeed, in that are signs for a people who believe”. We travel with our imagination to meditate on the meanings of blessing and productivity, and one can appreciate the great bond with palm trees as a source of sustainable prosperity for man.

  • Special facilities for Persons with Disabilities

    We believe that civilized communities should facilitate access to public places for learning and entertainment for persons with disabilities in accordance with international standards.

    In order to create a positive model for the integration of persons with disabilities within their communities, the Park was designed to include services and tools to facilitate access for all such as:

    • - A private entrance for wheelchair users.

    • - Installation of ground tracks and cautionary points throughout the Park for the visually impaired.

    • - Installation of an audio system that works automatically to guide visitors throughout the Park walls.

    • - A visual presentation to translate written text into sign language for the hearing impaired.

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