How to launch your initiative?

The mechanism of launching the initiative in the park

  • Fill out a form requesting the launch an initiative

  • Getting a final approval for the launching of the initiative

  • Receive the park to arrange and prepare the day before the start of the initiative

  • Deliver a report on the social impact of the initiative once it is finished containing the logo of the executing agency with selected images and video clips, along with copies of media coverage, if any

Principles for booking the Garden:

  • Commitment to the idea of the initiative agreed upon (in details) prior to the implementation of the initiative with no changes.

  • The initiative must be compliant with the Islamic principles in addition to the customs, laws and regulations of the country.

  • Provide the means necessary for safety depending on the nature of the initiative.

  • Refrain from harming the park's neighbors or passing cars by any type of abuse or damage.

  • In the case of family initiatives, public morality should be taken into account along with the abiding of the laws and regulations of the country and wearing Shariah compliant attire.

  • Racist and religiously-discriminatory initiatives are not accepted.

  • Refrain from destroying the park facilities and deliver it clean a day after the end of the initiative, the executing agency will bear responsibility for any damages done to the park.

We will assist you in launching your initiative:

  • We will guide you to the contractor suitable for the processing of the events and programs you need.

  • The announcement of the initiative in the park various channels and in the Alturki Tower screen.

  • Marketing the initiative within the park media channels.

  • Providing material support to some innovative initiatives.

For more information on the services provided by the park, please download the brochure
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